Valle dei Mulini

Walking in the Valley of the Mills

Valle dei Mulini is currently blocked!

Simple round trip on comfortable and varied paths along the Tesina stream, old mills and horses. There is a lot to discover, even for fauna and flora experts. If you like you can take a break in Castion on the church square and have an espresso or a cold beer. It still feels a bit like the Italy of 50 years ago.

  • Round trip 8,4km
  • Valle dei Mulini | Castion | Pignoi
  • Duration around 2h
  • all year round
  • suitable for all
  • food stop
  • START: Via della Pace - Via Valtesina - Garda (VR)
    Follow the path along the stream (signpost Valle dei Mulini) and discover for yourself. The path climbs slowly at first and then goes up a little more steeply in a series of bends. 1800m
  • Once at the top (cobblestones), take the left-hand path which leads down again, over a bridge and then up again. Follow the path to the end. 560m
  • Turn right into the asphalted road (Via Campagnola), and follow it until the end in Castion. There you will come to a square with a church, a bar and small supermarket. 1300m
  • In front of the church turn left into Via Vittorio Veneto, follow the road until it meets the main road. 650m
  • Turn left into the main street, Via XXIV Maggio. Follow it until you reach the bus stop. 440m
  • Turn left into the narrow dirt road and follow it to the end. 800m
  • Keep to the right and follow the road past the "Residence Bran" holiday complex until you reach a small crossroads. 630m
  • Keep straight on. 470m
  • Turn left into Via Val Mora and continue until you are back on a straight and open road, with (almost) a view of the Rocca of Garda. 700m
  • Turn left into the dirt road and follow it to the end. 500m
  • Now turn right and go down the paved road, Via Pignoi, until you are back at the starting point. 550m


We have prepared these tour descriptions to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot guarantee or assume responsibility for the correctness, completeness or any changes in the route. This applies even if you get lost, injured, hungry or thirsty on the road, the weather changes, the view is not as you imagined it, you wear the wrong clothes or slippers or do not comply with the rules, etc.. ;-)

In any case, we wish you a fun trip!

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